Security Considerations

e-Commerce and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Woo Commerce, Open Cart etc, are proven to be more prone to security breaches such as hacks, malware and viruses.

These structures are open source, which means that absolutely anybody can access – and therefore research how to exploit – their code. They also have extremely large user-bases which makes them an easy target for vulnerabilities.

Security Considerations

Splashbox developers have designed and built a complete end-to-end web solution that encompasses our own web hosting platform, Content Management System (CMS) and e-commerce platform, to ensure the highest levels of security, provide optimum User Experience, and deliver seamless integration with one another.

One of often forgotten considerations when selecting your next web platform is how secure it is. With Google quarantining over 10,000 websites a day due to potentially compromised website code, not keeping your website patched and up to date can have disastrous effects for your business.

System Maintenance

Quite often IT departments and Hosting companies are ill-equipped to deal with the security of your website applications, which involves keeping up with any known vulnerabilities and pushing updates to your webserver on an almost daily basis.
Through our end-to-end approach to security, we don’t just focus on best practice network security, but we also automatically push updates to all of our Platform Hosting clients, maintaining compatibility with your codebase.

This ensures the attack vectors of your website are kept to a minimum, and you are always running the most secure code.

Splashbox elvanti™ Platform

Engineered specifically to scale with our clients, learn how the Splashbox elvanti™ Platform can innovate your business in the modern online marketplace.