Our Platform

Built on a proven framework trusted by institutions such as ANZ, HSBC, PTV, Lenovo and Forbes Magazine, Splashbox elvanti™ takes a modular approach to software engineering, split into three key products;
elvanti™, elvanti™ X and elvanti™ Enterprise


As a highly sought after web agency there was no existing product on the market combining performance, security and flexibility available to use as a foundation for our discerning web and software projects. Our own platform elvanti™ was engineered in house specifically to scale with our clients, and innovate key business processes in the modern online marketplace.

  • All in one, end to end solution
  • Optimised for online marketing performance
  • Powerful integration capabilities
  • Built on a powerful MVC framework
  • Focus on performance, security and flexibility

elvanti™ X

Specifically designed for the branded retail and manufacturing sectors to showcase their product range, elvanti™ X was built as a dedicated solution to get your products to market without the need to sell online.

elvanti™ X includes everthing in elvanti™ plus:

  • Product display
  • Product specific enquiry
  • Merchandising
  • Store Locator
  • Inventory integration capabilities
  • Product export and upload features

elvanti™ Enterprise

No other platform combines the best features of a CRM, an Ecommerce Platform and a CMS to streamline site management and the end to end sales pipeline.

elvanti™ Enterprise includes everthing in elvanti™ X plus:

  • Online ordering
  • B2B tailored features
  • Omni channel via integration
  • Backorders & Pre-orders
  • Account and wholesale
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