Put your website in the spotlight with smart paid advertising in the places that matter. We combine expert keyword targeting with engaging advertising copy to seperate you from the competition and deliver maximum return on investment.
Much like organic search, user intent is critical to understand exactly what the user is looking for when typing a certain keyword. Through careful targeting of keywords that have a ready to convert intent, we promote the unique selling points of your product or service.

Once we’ve captured search traffic, we create an exceptional landing experience through tailored content and navigation, maximising the conversion rate of traffic we drive to every site.

Splashbox runs three paid search campaigns: 

  • Search advertising targeting new prospects
  • Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) targeting existing website visitors who haven’t converted
  • Product listing advertising (Google shopping) promoting specific products in a transactional format

Targeting that converts

Our keyword targeting strategy focuses on specific conversion-based user intent, to drive traffic and generate specific actions from our users

Improved results over time

We optimise our client campaigns ongoing to get better results for the same budget, using advanced tools and techniques to identify the campaign actions with the most impact.

Competitor Monitoring

Part of Splashbox’s paid search services is constant monitoring of competitor activity, including the keywords they target, the ad copy they use, and the results they get.

Mini Case Study: Avenue Plastic Surgery

  • In a field as competitive as plastic surgery is when it comes to search, we designed a specific strategy for Avenue Plastic Surgery to generate a high volume of qualified leads for all procedures based on value keyword targeting, quality score maximisation and bid optimisation.
  • 73% decrease in cost per acquisition in 6 months
  • 48% increase in Click Through Rate in 3 months
  • 24% decrease in Cost per click