Operations, Service & Support Plan (Coronavirus)

30 March 2020

Dear clients and friends.

From the team at Splashbox we hope you and your families are well.

As a Digital Agency, Splashbox has been able to act quickly in response to the Coronavirus by combining technology and old-school hustle to set up our entire operation remotely over the weekend.
Our management team decided quickly that Clear Communication, Collaboration and Compassionate Thinking is how Splashbox intends to tackle the next few months.

We start our approach here, with our first of many communication pieces you can expect to receive through this time.

The Office

Ahead of the updated warnings over the weekend, we relieved staff from attending the office and provided all equipment necessary for every Splashbox member to set up a great home office for remote access last Friday. Until further notice, we are up and running with a fully remote team, connected daily through the best use of modern technology.

Yesterday, Monday the 16th of March, was our first day working remotely. We have set up monthly and quarterly schedules internally and day one was extremely productive.

Our Team

First and foremost, we are pleased to inform you that our entire team is well and healthy. We are committed and motivated to provide you with the great service, results and support throughout this period no matter how long it may last.

Splashbox is committed to our people and will provide the support and financial stability they need, as to allow them to focus stress-free on you and your business.


We managed a number of internal and client meetings yesterday with great success and will continue to do so until we safely make it through this challenging period. So, we will avoid face to face meetings for now and any meetings already set will switch to a video conference or phone call. A Splashbox team member will send a video conference link prior to all meetings but you can decide if you wish to meet via video link or phone call.

We recommend Zoom as our preferred video conferencing solution and can provide all clients with links and easy instructions to get set up. It’s easy to set up and use. We encourage you to download it here https://zoom.us/signup.

We can run presentations, share screens and hold meetings with multiple parties in multiple locations.
We intend to make this as easy as possible for you, so if you prefer Google Hangouts or even a video call through Facetime or Whatsapp that's fine too.

Splashbox Operations

Our business is well suited for remote work and we have been building the technical and process infrastructure for this for the past few years. You will find our senior team, project managers and digital marketing consultants easy to access and great with their availability.

Our data shows us that our staff tend to be just as productive (if not more) working in their home environments than at work. While we would prefer everyone was in the office, this could be the test run for fully flexible working patterns.


All normal modes of contact still apply. Our phones have been redirected and we can reach each other through virtual handsets.

Should you encounter any difficulties calling the office line, please do not hesitate to contact your favourite Splashbox member on their mobile. Email is still an effective way to communicate and retain documentation.

The Support Ticket system for web projects is in full operation and all Trello Boards for Social Media Campaigns and Content Marketing are being managed.

Support for Working Remotely. For you.

In addition to continuing to provide you with the support, care and expertise that we continually strive for, we can also help you set your business up for efficient and effective remote work.

We have a wealth of experience with a range of technical applications and remote solutions.
If you need help or advice to set your business up to be fully remote or even more agile, feel free to reach out for support.

The Path Forward

These are new and uncertain times and we intend to support our clients as each business navigates through its own unique set of circumstances. We will reach out more often than we usually do, to provide support and advice.

Let’s all get through this together. Stay safe, follow all public guidelines and support your family, friends and those close to you.


Warm regards,

The Splashbox Team