Gratitude, eCommerce and Communication Services

30 March 2020

Hello Splashbox family and friends.

First and foremost, how are you and are you okay?

We know times are tough and we sympathise with you and we feel it too. As always -we’re here, even just to lend a supportive ear and listen to how you’re doing and how we can help in any way. We’ve been doing so for many of our clients over the last fortnight and it’s been amazing to share stories and support each other through this period. We are so grateful for how our team and clients have come together to help get through these unprecedented times.

There’s no doubt we face a challenging period ahead. Splashbox has already worked tirelessly with our clients to pivot, re-strategise and re-shape existing campaigns. We’re providing services and support to help all our clients, not only to get through the next few months but to position themselves for success when we get to the other side of this. We sincerely thank you for your support and partnership with us.

We deeply appreciate each and every one of you and thank you for your continued support during this time. We’re inspired by our community and positive that others will continue to share the same ‘how to help others during coronavirus” spirit so we all get through this together.

We have set up a great working model that has seen a boost in productivity, one we will consider incorporating in our operations when things get back to normal. We believe many other businesses will also look to this model as a new way of running their business. We are here to help you should you need any technical or business support to do the same.

We understand that not every client will be fortunate enough to make it through the next few months without great sacrifice and hardship. We understand first and foremost, it’s a matter of survival. However, like us, we know you didn’t build your business without smart agile thinking and sheer hard work. Now is no time for complacency or panic, it will only distract us all from creating solutions to ensure we can thrive once the current situation turns for the better.

These times are hard, we know. We all need to consolidate and secure our own businesses as best we can. Should you have the means though, it may also be time to act fast in looking at opportunities that will set you apart from our competitors when we resume business as normal, whatever the new normal will look like. This is an initiative we wish to share with you. Lets stick together. Splashbox is here to help where we can to ensure our Splashbox community has the support everyone will need over the next few months.

Our Splashbox community is smart and innovative. Many clients have already set up workshops and meetings with us to look at strategies to give them a significant advantage over the competition when the market bounces back.

In line with our current ethos of “Clear Communication, Collaboration and Compassionate Thinking”, we have developed a few medium-term solutions and different offerings to help you communicate quickly and effectively with your customers.

We have had multiple requests about eCommerce website turnaround times, crisis communication, short-term social strategy offerings and long-term brand protection solutions. We are working through these helpful services with many of you but we don’t want anyone left behind.

Be agile and rebound ready by selling products and services online

We all love a good questionnaire so our first question in regards to your website, is do you have a product or service that you can sell online or plan to sell online within the next 1-6 months?

If YES - now, might be the time to think about setting up your online store to create an additional revenue stream.

Splashbox is well aware of the financial, physical and mental strain everyone is under and is prepared to share that strain with you, by discounting all service costs for anyone who wishes to use the coming months to deal with the immediate issues and prepare your business to be more agile in the future. We will happily provide a free consultation to help you look at opportunities to secure your business for the short, medium and long term..

Do you need to speak to your customers differently?

If YES - we’re currently offering short-term strategy solutions across email marketing, social strategy, content strategy, and crisis communications.

We have several communication experts in house that are able to look at your holistic communication strategy.

We may recommend either one-off solutions such as an eDM to communicate the COVID-19 impacts (such as switching to an online delivery model or online consultations), or longer-term communication strategies that will allow you to use this strange time in business to your advantage to maximise efforts where possible.

Lastly, are you thinking about protecting your brand moving forward?

If YES - we’re offering online brand workshops that evaluate your current brand positioning, brand equity, and brand strategy now and strategies to adapt your brand post COVID-19.

In the meantime, a few tips that we’ve seen and implemented ourselves are -

  • Audit your website - start a document or list of what needs improvement and/or updates.
  • Audit your communications - look at all scheduled communications posts (social, emails, etc.) and review or unschedule to ensure that they are relevant and sensitive to the current crisis.
  • Audit your position post-virus - take this time to evaluate your current business model and projected position in a few months to understand the current implications and the pivots that will be needed in the upcoming future.

Bottom line - we’re here to help and support you however we can. We’re all in this together and if you’re feeling lost or unsure, feel free to contact us anytime on email at or via phone, 1300 139 461.

You can also contact Noah or Danny directly on their mobiles. Noah: 0409 800 894
Danny: 0413 145 999

Warm regards,

The Splashbox Team