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Novo Shoes

Inspired by global trends, Novo Shoes deliver affordable footwear to style-driven women. They are a well-established brand that continues to grow with over 100 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Discipline Digital Marketing

Sector Fashion/Shoes

312% increase in ROAS year
on year

Novo Shoes
Novo Shoes


Novo was looking to build their existing digital presence into something shoppers would stay at home for. Novo had the vision to turn around their underperforming online store, by tripling annual sales and make it their highest revenue store company wide. In an increasingly competitive market, the strategy comprised of three main goals:

  1. Diversify their online approach so that they can connect with their audience in the right place at the right time

  2. Make their eCommerce website an integrated part of their shopping outlets, leveraging it as a scalable way to generate sales

  3. Efficiently manage a suite of channels such as SEO,Google Ads, Display Remarketing, and Social Advertising


125%increase in revenue year on year for over 5 years
312%improvement in ROI from paid advertising
108%increase in users from organic search
52%increase in conversion rate through CRO
Novo Shoes

Our Solution

A Multi-Channel Approach To Revenue Growth & Customer Acquisition In the e-commerce it is essential you are reaching customers on the platforms they use, during the times they use them.

We created a digital strategy that used adaptive dynamic and static content to appeal to the different market segments. We rolled this out across paid search and social platforms with optimised targeting and high return on investment.

We then implemented split-testing of messaging and visuals in various advertising channels; AdWords, Social Advertising, Display Remarketing, Bing Search Ads and Product Listing Ads. This optimised the return of these specific audiences to build an extremely efficient revenue funnel.

ECommerce shoe shopping is an extremely competitive field, with a large number of authoritative players who have established their presence on a high search volume of relevant keywords. This is a challenge, especially when coupled with an enormous website that needs a scalable approach.

We chose to design and execute a tailored SEO strategy around content optimisation and technical improvements. This was applied across the entire website to ensure both relevance and crawlability - which is often the main issue and sticky point for bigger websites.

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