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Lovelight designs custom window furnishings for beautiful residential and commercial spaces in Australia. Lovelight source a wide range of window furnishings from around the world in every imaginable finish and colour, providing the latest design and tech.

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90% increase in revenue year on year

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Hunt Heating


Lovelight's current website with optimising conversions for their core furnishing packages, designing an eCommerce portal for complex purchases, and catering for the unique requirements needed to effectively supply major services to some of the biggest Volume Builders in Australia.

After a critical review of the website analytics, heat maps, and user sessions, we identified several key improvements needed to optimise the package purchases process, alongside strategic site recommendations that would enable the brand to cater for the growth in traffic.

It was clear Lovelight needed to digitise and automate many manual and internal administrative tasks in order to scale their offering to a wider market.

Most critically, we identified the need for a digital customer support to assist customers through complex orders. And finally, the significant growth opportunity in the Chinese market indicated the need for a multi-language module to be built into the website.


90%increase in revenue year on year
48%increase in traffic from organic search
40%of campaign keywords on the first page of Google within 6 months
44%increase in total conversions year on year
Hunt Heating

Our Solution

A stunning new design was created that was structured around Lovelight's brand refresh. A clean and minimalist user interface allowed Lovelight's large selection of new professional photography and videos to stand out and position Lovelight as a premium provider.

The new design showcased the product range and services with the addition of an interactive gallery with dynamic filters, sharing features, and individual image landing pages. We introduced a lead generation facility on brochure downloads, and an interactive blog section that could provide industry insights and feature new members of the Lovelight team.

We completely reconfigured the purchasing process and checkout, simplifying the experience for customers. We implemented a feedback form after purchase that would allow us to use customer feedback to continually optimise the process.

Added to this was the implementation of our multi-language module, alongside critical layout optimisation to cater for Mandarin for the Chinese market.

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