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Hunt Heating is Australia's leading supplier in hydronic heating, cooling and underfloor systems for the whole home. Since 1982, Hunt have been supplying stylish, innovative and sustainable solutions to Australian homes nationwide.

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135% increase in overall traffic year on year for over 5 years

Hunt Heating
Hunt Heating


With a well established presence in the trade market, there was potential for significant growth in the commercial market - however, the structure of the current website limiting their ability to expand.

Hunt Heating's previous website was geared towards a product purchasing, cart and checkout features, which was complex and slow for the end user. They knew online sales would never be a key source of income for their market, so continuing to push the current structure was inefficient. The website also contained a significant number of pages that resulted in an overly complex navigation and high value pages were being missed by users.


130+leads generated every month
73%increase in conversion rate overall
135%increase in overall traffic year in year for over 5 years
34%decrease in cost per click across social and paid search
Hunt Heating

Our Solution

Hunt Heating's brand architecture was revisited to allow the introduction of a separate presence for the commercial market. The strategy was therefore to redesign the current Hunt Heating Domestic website, and design a completely new website for Hunt Heating Commercial.

The new website division allowed Hunt Heating to run targeted marketing campaigns to the commercial market, while continuing growth in their core business without compromise or confusion.

The commercial website experience was designed to cater for architects, specifiers and builders. The design focused on their successful commercial projects, while showcasing their high-end product range and premium service. The domestic website was then enabled to completely focus on trade and retail customers with clear linkages to the commercial website for those unaware of this offering.

The website structure was simplified and focused on their offering to the retail market, trade support services, and at every stage promoted the Hunt Heating Showroom where customers can interact with the products and get a first hand experience of why Hunt Heating are the experts in Hydronic Heating.

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