Ecommerce Website Design

Functionality as well as design must be considered to maximise revenue on eCommerce websites.

In our website design process, we study performance and conversion data to ensure your site is designed to convert. You’ll be spending a lot time on your ecommerce website; so you need the backend functionality to be robust, intuitive and easy to use.

User Centred

Everything we design is centred around the user. We identify unique user personas to understand how various interact with the site, what they’ll be looking for and key indicators to signify you’re a website they can trust. Our breath of experience means we understand drop off points, frustrations, and what works. The result: a platform that caters for your users and creates long standing relationships.

Designed to Convert

Our aim is to maximise revenue our clients; every element is considered to create a fully immersive experience that will optimise the conversion funnel. Colours of buttons, layout, and user flows are refined around what we want users to do.  We implement various techniques that will increase conversion in your market; for some brands, optimising multiple purchases is applicable; for others, we focus on the sale of fewer, more premium items. Next we put referral programs and loyalty offers in place to maximise return purchases, lifetime value, and customer loyalty.



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