User Experience

For over 10 years Splashbox has created beautiful and intuitive digital experiences.

Our heritage and experience in web design and technical architecture allows us to perfect the user experience and create sophisticated solutions for clients. We have a refined yet detailed design process that elegantly marries each element to ensure the look and feel of your brand permeates the page.

User Journey Mapping

Our deep understanding of user journeys and varying buying personas converts first-time users to loyal customers. Together with our own advanced technical platform, the depth and breadth of our expertise lets us create truly custom, complex solutions tailored for your brand and designed with a highly user-centric approach.

We'll determine the key needs of your customer, breaking down silos within a business to create a seamless customer experience. The result? A finely tuned online experience that eliminates pain points and presents products and services in a clear, engaging, and complementary way.

User Flows

Understanding various user sequences, we create a detailed and bespoke navigation to meet the needs of your customer. Our experts specialise in minimizing user drop-off at every stage of the conversion funnel, using efficient internal tools, platforms, and processes that create a coherent user experience.

Prototyping & Wireframes

The wireframes are the blueprint to the website, allowing previews and structural optimisation before visual aspects are implemented. This fundamental stage allows development of the page layout, structure, and navigation to create a seamless digital experience for your customers.

Information Architecture

Simultaneously the masters and the students, we extensively research and work closely with you to understand your customer: their needs, interests, and values. With users front of mind, we create an online journey that's fluid, clear, and enjoyable, so that your customers stay with you and your prospects join you.

Tracking & Optimisation

Our experts undertake in-depth testing to ensure your website displays optimally and functions superbly on browsers, operating systems and relevant viewing platforms. Thorough data based experiments allow us to dictate preferred experience against existing website traffic metrics to optimise and improve conversion.