Project Methodology

Our comprehensive design process ensures business objectives and bottom-line success shape the blueprint of a site.

We take the time necessary to get to know your business and reflect your brand and values across your entire website. For that reason, no two website design projects are the same – our attention to detail and our desire to strive for innovation means your website will be as unique as your business. Our aim is to always provide website design Melbourne businesses deserve. Our approach speaks to both the business and the customer, bypassing significant backtracking, reissuing and reworks to ensure maximum growth and capability. 

1. Research & Planning

We work with clients to clearly define the goals and objectives of any given project. Once aligned, we map user journeys and undertake a thorough analysis of existing analytics to generate clear customer personas, so a business understands exactly who they’re selling to and their varying purchasing patterns. Through extensive analysis the existing market segment, we form a strategic design, map and site architecture.

2. Wireframe production

Next, our specialists prototype a range of solutions ideated in the planning phase and test them rigorously to gauge their application. We examine and refine ideas to reach the optimum solution for our clients with a focus on user experience, testing and prototyping. Functionality is considered and refined to ensure we meet unique requirements.  

3. Design Concepts

From conception to completion, our deep understanding of user interface solutions and brand consistency enables us to curate an online space for your brand that drives interaction through intelligent design. Each design is bespoke; working with robust technology, we test and rescope content, imagery and creative features to achieve a seamless look, feel and flow.

4. Frontend Development

Ensuring purpose drives design and user experience; our next stage converts design concepts into user-focused HTML. Through animation, complex designs, and front-end coding we generate a platform suited to your tool set and customer needs. During this phase we implement browser and device testing to ensure functionality across user platforms.

5. Build & Integration

  • Front End implemented into platform
  • Content implementation
  • Website communications model
  • Database structure
  • Internal testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Admin training

6. Launch & Optimisation

  • Deployment consultation
  • Hosting environment configuration
  • Marketing implementation
  • 4 week priority support and optimisation
  • 2 month bug fix free period