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The process of buying a home or investing in land is a long decision-making process for any customer in the market. During this time, customers are overwhelmed by competing messages through a multitude of marketing channels.

In an increasingly competitive market, Five Squared required strategies for their key developments Bloom Clyde North and Katandra RIse Doreen.
We focused on two main areas:

  1. Effectively reach the key audiences for each development and maintain interest in times of market fluctuation and pre-release
  2. Establish a leading online presence that effectively showcases their offerings
Five Squared Results

88% increase in leads generated

97% increase in overall traffic year on year

8.06% average website conversion rate

Paid Cost per acquisition decreased by 48%

Website Experience

Knowing that users who research a product, service or offering online visit approximately 3 websites during their decision-making process, a key for our strategy is to be the best of these three, ensuring the website matches the intent of our users and our marketing voice.

We built websites for Katandra Rise and Bloom Berwick that are easy to navigate, engaging to read and beautiful to look at.

What’s more is that they are orientated for conversion. From launch, we established an extensive tracking method including heatmaps, user session recording, scroll percentages, analytics and goal tracking.

Every Element Designed to Convert

With seamless design, rich content and power calls to action, each area of the website was designed carefully considering the conversion funnel.

A Strategy With Impact

Rather than inundating customers with standardised ads, we established a marketing funnel that built a relationship with the prospect through multiple touch points in their decision-making journey.

We introduced developments to them through social advertising and search ads, and then continued to foster this relationship through different stages through the use of remarketing.
We took a personalised approach to messaging by tailoring it to the channel and stage of the customers decision making process. This ensured an efficient transition from awareness of the project to conversion as a qualified lead.
Based on browsing data, we identified specific elements of the website that had a significant impact on conversions. We then designed successive split tests on these

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