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Sensitive fields such as plastic surgery are always challenging to navigate online: user perception, regulatory guidelines, and fishy techniques.

There were two key goals to the overall campaign:

  1. APS needed an online strategy that enabled business growth without compromising on their ethics and values.
  2. In a competitive and sceptical landscape, APS wanted to be known as the leader and innovator in fat transfer plastic surgery.
Avenue Plastic Surgery Results

134% increase in Organic search traffic

82% increase in leads from Organic search traffic

76% improvement in cost per acquisition from Paid Search traffic

300%+ increase in organic social traffic

Strategy & Execution

For APS to keep dominating an increasingly competitive market, we needed to come up with an optimally efficient funnel to target prospects and generate leads amongst a segment that shares similar value: quality, safety and excellence.

A few elements of that funnel were key to the success of the campaign: messaging, targeting and channels. We designed a marketing strategy aligning with the business positioning:

SEO campaign

We launched an SEO campaign targeting key search terms across the main procedures offered by the practice (Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation & Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Fat Transfer…) to capture searchers at all steps of the journey

Google Search Ads

We launched a Search Ads campaign targeting search terms indicating the intent of wanting to book a consultation to convert searchers to leads, using a targeted landing page for each procedure

Content Marketing

We launched a Content Marketing campaign with asset production, and social content amplification to grow awareness around APS, its value and educating the audience on the different procedures and options

Fat Transfer Promotion

To match the offline position of APS as a pioneer in Australia and the only clinic having proven results with the procedure, we needed an online presence that goes beyond a few pages on the existing practice website.

We created Fat Transfer Australia, the ultimate online resource guide to the fat transfer procedure. The idea is to educate the public regarding the procedure and its specifics, along with providing an outlet for prospects to ask their questions or book a consultation.

The website’s SEO elements are paramount to its success, allowing searchers to easily find relevant information if the website is visible on Google organic results.

We also launched an awareness campaign across social media and paid search to drive traffic to Fat Transfer Australia, and are measuring KPIs such as engagement and conversions – phone calls, questions and enquiries.

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